About Us

Mission Statement

There is a problem that faces mankind and our planet.

Even though there are those who don’t want to hear the truth, it doesn’t make it untrue, it just means they don’t want to hear it.

The Truth Is:

1. We are the only animal that eats what it’s not designed to eat and who’s food kills it after ingestion.

The easy 2 second proof of this is; if we were designed to eat meat as lions, dogs and sharks are, it wouldn’t clog our arteries and be our leading cause of death.

The fats and cholesterol’s from meats don’t clog these creatures arteries with build up because nature is not so cruel as to make the food you’re designed to eat also designed to kill you.

2. By raising animals for food we are also killing our own species slowly because animal farming represents as much as 51% of the combined effects that are causing global warming(1).

3. We then treat these beings we farm to eat with unimaginable cruelty. It’s so hard on us that factory farming is listed as being an ultra hazardous job position(2). These are not just the physical health aspects, but, there are the mental health issues they are forced to deal with as well.

It turns out that killing other living beings for a living is not the most psychologically sound occupation.

We all would like to think that we are not in any way to blame.


There is an old saying that has never been more true, which states; “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem”.

And so, our mission is:

To live our lives and educate others in such a way as to help prevent the death and suffering of living beings just so that we may eat them.

To not support and bring awareness to the fact that treating our planet (our home) the way we do now will cause the extinction of our species.

And to help everyone we possibly can to become healthy, happy humans who live in harmony with the world around them.

We will do this by teaching (not preaching) a healthy and harmonious vegan lifestyle.

The Goal

Our goal is to help foster the vegan movement, so that veganism can rise up and claim its correct position as the most accepted and practiced dietary habit of our species.

Just think of the day when the majority of the people on our planet are vegan. Think about that for a moment, and realize you are a part of making that dream a reality.

It will happen through education. We must teach, not preach. No one likes to be berated and so we must respect the choice of the individual, but, offer them an alternative.

Then, as millions more join us and spend their billions of collective dollars on vegan products, manufacturers will begin to cease their old destructive ways. They will have to adapt to the paradigm or fade into non relevance.

We will accomplish this not with harsh words or violence, but with the conscious choice of where we spend our money. Spend your money in a certain area and the farmers, manufacturers and merchants will follow it.

Dream of a day, opposite of today, when eating meat is considered a sub culture and veganism is the norm.  That is the goal of Vegans Rising!

My Story

Hi, my name is Patrick Shelley.

I’ll keep my story short and sweet so you can get a good feel of where I’m coming from without all the possibly boring details.

I grew up in a small town in northern Wyoming ranching, hunting fishing and trapping. So, for me to end up becoming vegan is a really big deal, more on that later.

When we ate, the meal revolved around what the piece of meat was. So, it was steak AND potatoes or pork chops AND rice if you know what I mean.

Well, from there I went into the United States Marine Corps and after 4 years and 9 months was honorably medically discharged due to the extent of my injuries (we’ll just leave it at that). But, yes, I’m a disabled Vet.

When I got out I started a cleaning chemical manufacturing company because of my background in science. But, my real love was nutritional sciences.

So, I started a company called Noble Supplements that sold nutritional products of my own design. The company was so named because I wanted to bring honor back to the supplement industry that was plagued with companies not putting in the bottle what it said was in there on the label. This company wholesaled its products to the health food stores.

I then started NutriHarmony. This was a network marketing company where I designed the products and we marketed them via network marketing.

I also designed and manufactured products for other companies.

I did all this for over 20 years.

Then I got sick.

I had no idea what it was and I had no insurance. I had never had insurance except to cover my injuries through the Veterans Administration. Because in my mind, if you were young, healthy and owned a nutritional company then why would you need insurance.

No one could figure it out. To show you how crazy it was, my lymph nodes swelled up so that it looked like you put baseballs in my neck. I couldn’t stay upright for more than a few minutes without losing my equilibrium so bad that it made everything spin around me so much all I could do was throw up. This went on for months.

I had doctors tell me it was cancer, that I had a bone broken in my eardrum, that I had one of 3 different diseases they each thought I had. To this day, I still don’t know what it was. All I know is that I’m better now.

I cured myself with a vegan diet and juice fasting. I would go on 30 day juice fasts and then back to regular vegan.

 Once I Recovered

Once I was back on my feet, I no longer had a company, had a pile of debt and no income. So, it was time to start over.

Because if the fact that I was broke, and needed income above all else I slipped up. I went back to lot’s of cooked foods and eventually back to an omnivore diet.

I knew better, but much of it was of course financial considerations.

I Always Knew I Wanted To Be Vegan

When I would go on juice fasts for anywhere from 7 to 30 days when I owned Noble Supplements and NutriHarmony I never wanted to come off the fasts. I felt great! As a matter of fact I felt euphoric.

That was the reason I turned to juice fasting when I was sick. I instinctively knew it would help.

But, staying on a juice fast for the rest of your life presents itself with some challenges. So, that wasn’t really feasible for many reasons, business travel being one of them.

I had read Diet For A New America when that first came out and I grew up raising our food animals, hunting, fishing and trapping, so I knew firsthand what the animals went through.

So Then I Made The Decision To Become Vegan For Good

The reasons I became vegan were simple:

  1. I needed to for my health so that I could survive. Yes, it was do or die time. I found out that I had up to 60% blockages in 3 of my arteries from my years as a massive meat eater.
  2. I wanted to save as many animals as I could. I know I most likely won’t change the world. But, I don’t have to be a part of the things I don’t believe in either.
  3. I’m disgusted at what humans are doing to the world we live in. It’s beyond bad, it’s beyond sick and it’s mostly all for profits. I vehemently detest it.

Why Did I Start Vegans Rising?

We must be the change we wish to see in the world ~ Gandhi

I truly want the world to be vegan and stop all this nonsense. So, I have created a place where new people can learn why they should become vegan and vegans can come to grow and get what they need.

I hope that you’ll join me on this journey that we are all taking together. I look forward to your company.

Thank you, Patrick Shelley



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