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7 Reasons Why Humans Aren’t Meant To Eat Meat Here’s The Truth!

There is a reason there is controversy surrounding the vegan diet and going vegan. It really has nothing to do with the truth, or if the vegan diet is really the best diet for you.

It has to do instead with the money being made by large the corporations that supply you with animal products.

So, here and now we will bypass the money and politics and focus on the truth.

Are Humans Supposed To Eat Meat?

 Let’s look at this objectively.

  1. Are You A Natural Born Hunter?

lion_making_kill-2 Do you have claws or fangs? No, you do not. So, if you were designed to eat meat, exactly how did nature intend for you to make your kills?

You do have to kill it before you can eat it.

You cannot answer with spears, bows and arrows or knives because we would have first had to survive long enough without them to figure out how to make them.

This is a huge question. If you had to run down a deer and kill it with your bare hands, then chew through its thick tough hide to get at the meat, could you do it?

Are you fast enough?

Could you do it over and over again, naked with no shoes on?

Remember, we are talking about what we are designed to eat. Not what we eat now because other people kill if for us or because we wear shoes, have clothes and kill with guns.

2. Is Your Digestive Tract Correct?

human_digestive_tract-2 Why is our digestive tract long and curvy instead of short and nearly straight like every true carnivore?

It’s very obvious that we are designed to have food stay in our digestive tract for a long period of time so that we can absorb all the nutrients from our foods.

True carnivores on the other hand have relatively short digestive tracts with very few twists and turns. This is so they can digest and eliminate the food before it becomes toxic to their systems.

3. The Need For Speed!

 Can you outrun your prey? It’s a simple question. Are you faster than a deer, a rabbit or an elk? If you’re not then you would be a dead hunter because you’d never be able to catch your prey.

The simplicity of this is mind boggling. If you’re not fast enough to catch your prey, then you don’t eat and you die.

Humans do not have the same skeletal structure as do lions, cheetahs or wolves. Our legs are in a straight line underneath our mass and easily support our weight for long periods of standing or walking.

The reason you always see lions, cheetahs and wolves laying down as much as possible is that their structures use a tremendous amount of energy when standing. Their bones are not aligned directly under them to support their weight like ours are. When they stand they must actively engage their muscles to do so.

Our legs do not coil underneath us like a lions, cheetahs or wolves do so that its natural action of elongation propels them forward.

You lean slightly forward as you walk and your legs simply pivot forward at the hip. If you look closely, they nearly fall forward. This conserves a lot of energy allowing you to walk slowly for great distances.

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4. We Are Just To Successful

 fat manThe more successful we are the fatter we become. This would be absolute death to a true carnivore. We put on body fat like crazy.

Think about it. If you were a very successful hunter and had so much food that you got obese you’d never be able to catch your next meal. You’d simply be too fat and slow to do it.

Our bodies are designed to put on fat as fast as possible so that we have the greatest chance of surviving a famine.

The reason you don’t see fat carnivores in nature is because they would starve to death. Rather a large oxymoron I agree, but, nevertheless true.

5. Die Hard The Hunter!

 bull-skewering-a-manYou genitals and weak areas are not protected. Look at  lions, cheetahs and wolves. Their genitals, soft belly and weak areas are all to the rear, away from their claws and fangs they attack with. They are all much heavier and stronger in the front so they can subdue and absorb the retaliations of their prey.

Our genitals, belly and our females breasts are all up front and very vulnerable during the fight to kill prey. We are simply not designed to take down animals that would fight back. One thing to keep in mind; no animal wants to die, they all fight back.

This means, we would suffer severe damage nearly every time we wanted to eat. This is not the trait of a hunter who would be able to survive long term.

6. Does That Look Yummy To You?

road kill Do you like road kill? If you were a carnivore and saw a piece of fresh road kill you’d begin to salivate and very strongly, nearly irresistibly be drawn to it as food.

You’d like ripping the guts out of that dead carcass and eating them first because you’d instinctively know they are the most nutritious just like a lion does.

You wouldn’t even have a concern in the world if it was still alive and screaming at the top of its lungs while you ate it, because that’s music to a true carnivores ears.

Go eat a piece of raw meat with no knives or forks and no seasonings. There are two things you’ll notice.

A). It’s not very easy for you to gnaw off chunks of meat because you just don’t have the right kind of teeth for it.


B). It has virtually no flavor to you without being cooked or seasoned in any way.

7. Nature Would Never Do This To You

 clogged-arteriesYour food would never kill you. If you were designed to eat a particular foodstuff it wouldn’t be the agent of your death.

When you eat meat you’re getting saturated fats and cholesterol that hardens and blocks your arteries so that you have heart attacks and die1. One egg has enough cholesterol to put you over your suggested intake for a week.

Meat, dairy and egg proteins, fats and cholesterol’s all contribute to diabetes which is another top killer2.

Meat, dairy and eggs all contribute to various forms of cancer which is another leading cause of death3.

The point here is that; if you were designed to eat it, it wouldn’t be designed to kill you.

So, are humans designed to eat meat?

If you still have to ask that question, then you need to read this article again.

No, of course humans are not designed to eat meat, dairy or eggs. So, why do we do it?

The most likely scenario was that we found carrion (dead rotting animals) laying around and consumed them because their fat was a super condensed source of calories. Then once we discovered fire we cooked it to kill all the fly maggots that were in it or to burn the fur off.

We then found this easier to eat, chew and digest. So, a pattern was born that was taught from generation to generation.

Do remember though; we were doing this before we had written words or likely much more than single syllable dialects. So, it was not a plan born of our greatest scientific minds to be kind about it.

My point here is; just because the person who came before you did it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reevaluate it and look at it from a neutral fact based position to determine if that’s truly the correct course of action.

This is of course how you should look at all information and especially science based information that comes into your life.

What we’ve done above is simply had a discussion about things that are obvious and known to be true with just the use of common knowledge and common sense.

The only question left is; now that these things have been laid in front of you, what are you going to do about it?

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